Lunch Special

11:30 am - 3:00pm Daily Served with soup of the day & choice of salad or egg roll & choice of fried rice, steamed rice, steamed brown rice or chow mein. Take out orders do not include soup

Crispy Ginger Chicken (White Meat), Lemon Chicken (White Meat), Sesame Chicken (White Meat), Orange Chicken ($11.50), Sweet & Sour Chicken, Cashew Chicken, Chicken with Vegetables (White Meat), Kung Pao Chicken, Great Wall Chicken (White Meat), Chicken w/ String Beans (White Meat) ($10.95)

$10.95 ~ $11.50

Sweet & Sour Pork, Pork with String Beans, Great Wall Pork


Tofu with Fresh Vegetables, Kung Pao Tofu, Sautéed String Beans


Beef with Broccoli, Mongolian Beef ($11.50) Great Wall Beef ($11.95)

$11.50 ~ $11.95

Crispy Ginger Prawns, Mandarin Prawns, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Prawns With Broccoli, Prawns with Fresh Vegetables, Black Bean Sauce Prawns ($12.50) Honey Walnut Prawns, Fish Fillet (Spicy Ginger/Teriyaki Sauce), String Beans Three Combo (Chicken, Prawns, Beef) ($12.95) Kung Pao Three Combo (Scallop, Prawns, Beef) ($13.50)

$12.50 ~ $13.50

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